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Deer Free   Winter Armor

Available in 55 Gallon Drums. 

A hungry deer will find almost any plant palatable, so no plant is “deer proof.” Also, a plant species may be damaged rarely in one area but damaged severely in another. 

Repellents:The two types of deer repellents are contact repellents and area repellents. Contact repellents are applied directly to plants, causing them to taste bad or remove the taste of the plant that the deer are looking for. 

Area repellents are placed in a problem area and repel by their foul odor.


Apply repellents on a dry day with temperatures above freezing. Treat young trees and shrubs completely. Older trees and shrubs may be treated only on their new growth. Treat to a height 6 feet above the maximum expected snow depth. Deer browse from the top down. Hang or apply repellents at the bud or new growth level of the plants you wish to protect.

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