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Disclaimer & Frequently Asked Questions:

NAPROCO LLC/Garden Girls Repellents LLC does not provide ticks, mosquitoes,  or any insects for testing purposes. Our products Tick Free and Mosquito Free are designed to significantly reduce pest activity, minimizing tick & mosquito populations with proper use. Deer Free Winter Armor, Deer Free Summer Armor will reduce deer eating activity with proper use. There is no guarantee that  the deer will no longer enter or come on a property once the product is used on a property. Geese Free minimizes geese activity. NAPROCO LLC/Garden Girls Repellents LLC or it's subsidiaries are not responsible for past, present, or future out breaks of any tick, mosquito or insect born disease or any sickness that you, your family or animals may encounter from using our product. Use as directed. 

Here are some "Frequently Asked Questions" about Tick Free & Mosquito Free.  If after reviewing this information you still have questions please feel free to contact us at



Whether spraying for ticks or mosquitoes, do not spray around active honeybee hives. 


Q. How does Tick Free  & Mosquito Free work?

A. The cedar oil acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs their mental capacity and is the residual repellent for up to 30 days depending on saturation. The cedar also causes the  insects exo-skeleton to dehydrate. The fatty soap acts as a sticker to the insect.

Q. How long does it take for the insect to die?

A. Depending on the insect, it can take just minutes while others a few hours. Our product is a "contact" pesticide not "instant" meaning the product has to contact the insect to be effective. Also consider infestation and saturation of product. In a heavily infested area you may want to use more product, an extra ounce or two. Once the area is minimized of insect activity you can go back to mixing as directed on the product label. 


Q. How often should I apply Tick Free or Mosquito Free?

A. Every 30 days depending on infestation and saturation. If you are spraying for mosquitoes we recommend that you spray first application then return in 15 days for second application. Then resume to every 21- 30 days.


Q. How do I mix Tick Free or Mosquito Free

A. We recommend mixing product  at the rate specified on manufactures label. You can increase the recommended dose as needed to achieve desired results (3-6 oz). DO NOT DILUTE MORE THAN RECOMMENDED! For tank spraying add water first then add product to prevent foaming. 


Q. What kind of sprayer should I use?

A. A backpack sprayer works great. Mixing instructions are different if using this type of spraying. Read label carefully.  If you are using a truck- tank sprayer add water first

then add Tick Free or Mosquito Free to eliminate foaming. Tank spraying: Do not use more than 100 psi (pressure per square inch).

Q. Why do we recommend using only 100psi (pressure per square inch) when spraying?

A. We recommend using only 100psi to get the best coverage with less drift. Allows for larger droplet size with means more active ingredient. More active ingredient more effective.


Q. How much Tick Free or Mosquito Free product per sq.ft. or acre should I be spraying? 

A. A gallon of ready to use should cover approx.1000 sq.ft. An acre can use 25-45 gallons or more of ready to use product depending on saturation with a tank sprayer. This is an average of suggested use. No more than 100 psi. Back pack/mist spraying is more for residential use providing mist spraying instead of saturation and uses any where from 7-10 gallons of ready to use product. 


Q. When is the best time to spray for mosquitoes?

A. Dusk or Dawn. This is good to keep in mind when spraying in bee areas. Bees are not usually out at dusk or dawn. 


Q. Where do I spray for mosquitoes? Where do I spray for ticks?

A. When spraying for mosquitoes you want to spray wooded, shaded and moist areas. Mosquitoes like to "hide" in trees under the leaves and in shrubs during the day to keep cool. When spraying for ticks we recommend spraying wood piles, shaded grassy areas, in and around shrubbery and property borders where there is more brush. Do not spray areas where bees are active.


Q. Can I spray Tick Free & Mosquito Free in the rain?

A. No. Do not spray in the rain as this will dilute the product more than recommended. 


Q. Can I spray Tick Free & Mosquito Free near ponds or streams?

A. You can spray near ponds or steams but do not spray directly into any body of water. Cedar is toxic to aquatic life. 


Q. Is Tick Free or Mosquito Free harmful around children or animals?

A. Both Tick Free & Mosquito Free are not harmful to humans and domestic animals when mixed with the proper ratio of water stated on the label. All cedar products are toxic to aquatic life and can interfere with chickens respiratory system. Though allergy symptoms to cedar can vary from runny nose to head aches, like most out door allergy symptoms do, our products do not contain cedar pollen that cause allergy symptoms.  Any person or animal can encounter an allergic reaction to any substance. See disclaimer statement above. Yards can be used with in a minimum of 30 minutes or more of drying time. 


Q. Can I add a spreader sticker with Tick Free or Mosquito Free?

A. The soap in our product acts as a spreader sticker and therefore adding another would be a waste of your product.  Also, we do not recommend combining our product with another product such as a fertilizer or herbicide as combining the ingredients may cause burning and would possibly no longer be considered an all natural  product. May also interfere with the efficacy of the product.


Q. Does Tick Free or Mosquito Free cause discoloration when sprayed on or around patios,  stone walkways or decks?

A. No, Tick Free & Mosquito Free does not cause discoloration and is safe for sidewalks, foundations, swing sets etc.


Q. What are the storage requirements for Tick Free & Mosquito Free?

A. Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight and heat source. Keep out of reach of children and animals.  Do not store below 32 degrees.


Q. What happens if I see separation in the bottle before using?

A. No problem! Give the bottle a shake and continue to use Tick Free or Mosquito Free by following manufactures instructions. Product DOES NOT become less effective! Use Tick Free or Mosquito Free with complete confidence.


Q. What if I don't have a SiteOne Landscape Supply in my area?

A. Give us a call and we will help you find one. 



If you have a question that is not listed here, send us an email or give us a call. One of our service representatives will be glad to help you. If we don't have the answer we will find it. Once that question becomes frequently asked we will add it here on the website so it can be used for future reference. 


Email questions to:

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